Monday, October 19, 2020

🎬We are BACK(!!!) and L I V E🔴 from a trailer at an undisclosed location deep in the New Brunswick woods! DAY 4 of 14 self-isolation period within the #atlanticBubble. TODAY, we talk quarantine, lockdown with Julien’s parents, the Utah mountain lion viral video, Justin Bieber is sad, The Daily Dose with Jen Grant, your comments & more! 

Mike Plume month RESUMES, with yet another pre-show spin by, MIKE PLUME!

Song: My Old Friend

Album: Born By The Radio

This Episode is brought to you by, Gringos Blazing Sauces. 

The Julien Dionne Show

w. Jen Grant & Julien Dionne

Weekdays at 7:00am

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