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58- Peter Anthony -part2

October 2, 2015

Part two-of-two. We left the last episode with comedian, Peter Anthony, with a heckler story, so why not start this one with another. We kick off this one with a…

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57- Peter Anthony -part 1

September 29, 2015

Part one-of-two, friend and comedian, Peter Anthony, rolls around Lemon•press Studios to regale us with a hilarious tale about his current progressive-living-arrangements, a close call in Mexico than involves javelin-tossing…

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56- Steph Tolev

September 25, 2015

The very funny and talented, Steph Tolev drop by Lemon•press Studios and talk to Julien about her big year– this year– where she has taped TV segments as part of…

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55- Jake Goldsbie

September 18, 2015

Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Toby Isaac, actor Jake Goldsbie, drops by Lemon Press for what turns out to be one of the best interviews yet. It’s an honest, open and…

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54- Jacqui Brown

September 15, 2015

Accomplished musician & actor, Jacqui Brown, stops by Lemon Press Studios and locks down one of the best episodes to-date. Listen in as we learn about Jacqui’s path in music,…

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September 11, 2015

Comedian & DJ, TRIXX, stops by Lemon Press Studios and opens up to Julien about his most recent controversy. Among other things, they talk about TRIXX’ start in the business,…

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A Message

September 8, 2015

A message. Plain and simple.

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52- Jean Paul

September 4, 2015

The Island Hipsta, (comedian & writer) Jean Paul, stops by Lemon Press Studios for a smooth, story-telling-catch-up-session. JP and Julien talk fitness, over-confident starts in comedy, religion, performing at the…

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51- Dave Martin

September 1, 2015

“Scamming the Scammers” is finally here. Tune in for the launch of the brand-new segment that turns the tables on the people behind the most recent CRA scam calls. In…

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50- Mark James Heath

August 28, 2015

Coming at you — yet again — from Lemon Press Studios in the Distillery District, it’s The JDCH pod. In this episode, episode ninety-nine, guest, Mark James Heath stops by…

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49- Dom Paré

August 25, 2015

Oh hello, didn’t see you there. Thanks for tuning into yet another episode of the #JDCHPod. In this episode, friend & comedian, Dom Paré drops my Lemon Press Studios for…

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48- Tim Rabnett

August 21, 2015

Dear friend and hilarious comedian, Tim Rabnett, stops by Lemon Press Studios for a good ol’ catch-up sesh. Tune in as Julien and Tim talk about different approaches to stand…

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47- Sean ‘Suga Jam’ Fisher

August 18, 2015

Comedian, musicians, actor, producer, musical director (he does it ALL), Sean Fisher a.k.a, Suga Jam joins Julien in Lemon Press Studios. They catch up on all things show-bidness, they talk…

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46- Solo Pod: Reboot

August 14, 2015

We are BACK! Here we are with a BRAND NEW episode of the JDCH:POD. This is a solo-pod, no guest. BUT, tune-in to find out what Julien has been up…

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029 – Claude Kent

December 26, 2014

The third member of Garage Baby to appear on the podcast, he is the drummer. Above that, he is frontman of pop-rock outfit, Clockwise, and a hot solo career to…

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028 – Marshall Button

December 23, 2014

The second instalment of The East Coast Tapes: Episode 28, with guest, Marshall Button. Julien and Marshall sit in the beautiful Empress Theatre — 4 days after having performed in…

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027 – Timothée Richard

December 19, 2014

Coming at you from 1554km east of Lemon Press Studios, we bring you the first(of two) instalments of The East Coast Tapes. Julien’s guest on this episode is “L’Apôtre de…

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026 – Adrian Spencer

December 16, 2014

New young Toronto-based actor, Adrian Spencer, drops by Lemon Press Studios. Adrian is a student of the Meisner technique –where he and Julien first met– and talks to us about…

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025 – Eddie Della Siepe

December 12, 2014

In this episode, Eddie drops by Lemon Press Studios to talk to Julien about making the move to Los Angeles on a green card and the paradigm of living two…

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024 – Cal Post

December 9, 2014

Friend and comedian, Cal Post, stops by Lemon Press Studios and talks to Julien about what it’s like hosting/ producing Canada’s longest running open-mic; Spirits, his philosophies on comedy and…

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023 – Ray Zwicker

December 5, 2014

In this episode we get perspective from the other end of the (comedy) business; the comedy club bar staff. Ray Zwicker, bar manager at Absolute Comedy over the past 8…

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022 – Matt O’Brien

December 2, 2014

Award winning comedian, Matt O’brien stops by to talk shop with Julien. They talk about small-town living, crossing the border into the states and all things comedy. They also bond…

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021 – Jason Fraser

November 28, 2014

Actor/thespian/coach, Jason Fraser (Fraser Studios) drops in at Lemon Press Studios to talk to Julien about the art of acting — specifically applying the Meisner technique– and how it all…

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020 – Alex Nussbaum

November 25, 2014

20 EPISODES! Yea, we’re doing this. Very talented and one of Julien’s favourite comedians, Alex Nussbaum, drops in at Lemon Press studios and regales us with tales of power-napping, starting…

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019 – Dean Young

November 21, 2014

Comedian/podcaster/writer/radio-guy, Dean Young, drops in to chat with Julien about the comedy business. Dean’s latest venture includes heading Canada’s only podcast network, “TalkHole”. They talk about Young’s background in radio,…

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