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385 – Gotcha! Society

May 31, 2021

Today: •Kamala’s Memorial Day Tweet.•We talk Friends reunion and the Joey meme.•There will be a Peaky Blinders season 6.•A hot bath just as good as a long run.•Yes, the first grade…

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384 – The Hot Vet Trend

May 28, 2021

Today:  •Will Amos has another technological mishap. •Fake skin used in new webcam scam. •YouTube arrested for for tying dog to helium balloons. •2 women defrauds 19 men out of…

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383 – The ‘Friends’ Zone

May 27, 2021

Today:  •Central Park Karen is back •New airport Karen brings meltdown to the next level. •We talk ‘Friends’ reunion. •Prince Harry to sit with Oprah…AGAIN! Plus, The Daily Dose with…

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382 – Dried Up Cat Puke

May 26, 2021

Today:  •Did you take the #bluepoopchallenge? •Humans could live to 150 new app suggests. •Man dies trapped inside dinosaur statue. •Attacks on airline staff is way up (no pun intended).…

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381 – Social Media the Unforgiving Maiden

May 25, 2021

Today:  Couple gets married on a plane to avoid COVID restrictions. 2,500 rowdy teens throw party for TikTok star’s birthday. Millions in the UK were ‘unwittingly tracked’ via their phones…

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380 – Prince Harry Sympathy Phenomenon

May 21, 2021

Today: we talk TikTok starts turning their clout into music careers; When can we stop feeling bad for Prince Harry?; and wrap up the week with an improvised song.  Plus,…

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379 – Our Best Impressions

May 20, 2021

Today: we whip out our best impressions; man cuts own throat in courtroom after guilty verdict; Air France powers overseas flight with used cooking-oil; Microsoft’s “toxic culture” exposed; Obama’s real…

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378 – Allison Dore

May 19, 2021

Today: founder of Howl & Roar Records and host of The Breakdown on SiriusXM Channel 167, Allison Dore calls in the show! Plus, The Daily Dose with Jen Grant, your…

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377 – The Risk of Talking

May 18, 2021

Today: can you inject your way to a more masculine face?; someone counted all the birds in the world; Joe Rogan faces backlash towards comments on “woke culture”; Tonight Show…

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376 – Surviving the Vaccine

May 17, 2021

Today: Bill Gate’s questionnable behaviours made pubic; the UFO debate is more prominent than ever; Julien’s reaction to getting the first dose of the vaccine; our thoughts on “speed-read” apps.…

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375 – Romanticizing the Greyhound Bus

May 14, 2021

Today: Julien gets his vaccine; Greyhound to cut all bus routes in Canada; People are filling plastic bags with gasoline, or are they?; The CDC releases new mask guidelines.  Plus,…

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374 – Housewives Falling Over in the Aisles

May 13, 2021

Today, we talk The Ellen DeGeneres show ending after 19 seasons; NASA detects eerie hum cause by gas that is not coming from Julien; Tesla suspends accepting Bitcoin as payments. …

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373 – Darin Roche

May 12, 2021

Today, founder of Authentic Ginger Clothing Co., Darin Roche, calls in the show to tell us all about the brand created to empower red-heads! Plus, The Daily Dose with Jen…

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372 – Chef Matt Pennell

May 11, 2021

Today, executive chef and Chopped Canada Champion, Matt Pennell, calls in the show to talk all things restaurants and cooking competitions! Plus, The Daily Dose with Jen Grant, your comments…

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Monday, May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

Today, we talk Elon Musk hosting SNL; Jen getting her vaccine today; ‘The Circle: Afterparty; and our movie-watching weekend that included, ‘Nobody’, ‘Unhinged’ & ‘Eat Wheaties!’.  Plus, The Daily Dose…

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Dr. Jules – Friday, May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

Today, plant based doctor and Maritime Ninja Warrior, Dr. Jules Cormier calls in the show to give his thoughts on COVID, the vaccines, conspiracy theories, the benefits of a plant-based…

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

May 6, 2021

Today, we talk the art of getting shit done; and Caitlyn Jenner sits down with Sean Hannity to talk about her run for governor of California. Plus, The Daily Dose…

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021

Today, the ‘Giant Bidens’ photo explained; rocket debris from Chinese rocket falling back to earth; John Legend “gets real” about Chrissy Teigen’s social media “challenges”; and John Mulaney announces first…

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

Today, Bill and Melinda Gates divorce; trillions of cicadas are about to emerge after 17 years underground; and are we just going to space all the time? Plus, The Daily…

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Monday, May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021

Today, we talk about getting our septic system emptied; when and who to tip; The Circle on Netflix; and lose our minds improvising a few songs.  Plus, The Daily Dose…

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Friday, April 30, 2021

April 30, 2021

Today, join as us we wrap up the week and talk; Phase 1 of the 75 Hard; frog legs as a meal; we riff on potential names for our new…

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021

Today, we talk our worst day-jobs while starting out in comedy; finishing the ’75 Hard’ and the value of cheat days; and the need to be whacky on game shows.…

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Monday, April 26, 2021

April 26, 2021

Today, we talk Oscars®️; and as discussed last week, we made a homemade version of the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, tune in for the results.  Plus, The Daily Dose with Jen…

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Friday, April 23, 2021

April 23, 2021

Today, Ellen catches heat yet again; SpaceX to launch 4 astronauts in space today and no one knows about it; Dave Chappelle to launch a new podcast; and NASA makes…

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

April 22, 2021

Today, to no one’s surprise, Chrissy Teigen is back on Twitter; new episodes of ‘The Circle’ are out; Julien’s obsession with the sneaker meme; Dr Oz now selling fried chicken…

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